How Campsites Can Help Bees in the UK

Bees are essential for growing many of the crops we rely on for food. But unfortunately, farming and land management practices are putting bees at serious threat. Bee numbers are falling and if we do not do something about it, we will all face the consequences. If you run a campsite, you should be managing your land in such a way that you do no harm to local wildlife. You can even go further and give bees a helping hand. If you are a keen camper, you can vote with your feet and visit only campsites which are helping the bees and are eco-friendly in other ways. Here are some of the ways in which campsites can help bees in the UK:

Avoid Pesticides and Herbicides in Grounds Maintenance

Many beautiful campsites manage the grounds to create beautiful pitches for tent campers, motorhomes and caravans. But keeping immaculate lawns, weed-free drives and pitches and well-tended hedges can come at a cost to our bees, especially when the grounds are maintained through the use of pesticides and herbicides. Go organic to give bees a break.

Leave Wilder Areas and Allow Grass To Grow Longer

While, of course, there will be maintenance required on most campsite grounds, leaving the place a little more natural could be kinder on local wildlife – bees included. Many bees nest underground and cutting grass too often can cause them problems or kill them off. Consider allowing grass to grow a little longer, and leave corners and the spaces between plots a little more natural.

Plant Bee-Friendly Flowers

You can make sure you are a bee-friendly site by planting some bee-friendly flowers that are appropriate to the area. As open, natural spaces, campsites can be helpful to regenerating the types of landscapes that bees need to survive. All those flowers will be lovely for campers too.

Place Bee 'Hotels' For Solitary Bees

Campsites could also consider creating or placing bee 'hotels' in which solitary bees can live. Placing these, and creating habitats for a wide range of local wildlife, can help make a more diverse, interesting and pleasant camping environment as well as being better for bees, and better for our planet.

Campsite owners – do what you can to help our bees. Campers, make sure you are not supporting damaging systems – only choose campsites that are kind to wildlife, and our planet.