How Campers Can Help With Conservation Efforts in the UK

If you are a keen camper then you will not need to be convinced that we should do all we can to protect our beautiful, precious landscapes and wildlife in the UK. One of the best things about camping holidays is being able to get out and about to experience and enjoy our natural heritage. But if we are not careful, we risk losing the natural capital that we often take for granted. Here are some things keen campers can do to help with conservation efforts in the UK:

Choose Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Campsites

As campers, we must take responsibility for our decisions. This includes the decisions we make about the gear that we buy and use. It also includes where we stay, and how much impact our stay will have on the local and wider environment. By choosing campsites that are sustainable and eco-friendly, which respect nature and conserve or even enhance the local environment, campers can do their part to minimise the impact of their camping adventures.

Wild Camp Responsibly and With Care

Another option for campers, of course, is to enjoy a wild camping adventure. Wild camping is permitted across most of Scotland, though only with the landowner's permission in other parts of the UK. Wherever you camp, it is very important to consider the impact you are having on the environment and on the creatures which live there. Always wild camp conscientiously – leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but photographs. Choose camping spots wisely so as not to have a negative impact on local life cycles.

Volunteer at a Conservation Project or Re-Wilding Event

Another option that keen campers might enjoy is a few nights or a week long volunteering project or re-wilding event. There are many such events taking place across the UK, some of which offer camping as part of the experience. Whether you are planting trees, removing invasive species, re-introducing native plants or animals, or undertaking other conservation work, campers should consider doing some good while they are enjoying nature at its best.

Get out there and get involved. Everyone has their part of play in conserving the beauty and diversity of the British Isles.