Hire A Motorhome For Your Next Camping Road Trip with Goboony (Or Rent Your Own Out While You Are Not Using It)

Motorhomes allow you to enjoy the freedom of the open road. But not all of us can buy one, nor do we all have the space to store one when we are not using it, or to maintain it when required. A motorhome is a major expense and, though useful and a lot of fun, does take a certain amount of effort to keep and maintain. Hiring a motorhome, instead of buying can be a great option for a camping road trip and could be a cost-effective way to enjoy this sort of a holiday throughout the year.

If you already have a motorhome, you may be concerned that it is not being used as much as it should – after all, most of us cannot be on holiday as much as we'd like! A motorhome that is left unused for too long can begin to develop problems – as with any vehicle left without being driven for too long. The solution is simple – and sustainable: simply allow someone else to hire your motorhome when you are not using it.

Goboony connect private owners of motorhomes with those who want to rent them. This is a simple, straightforward service that solves the problems of those who don't have motorhomes but would like to enjoy a camping road trip, and those who have motorhomes sitting doing nothing that they would be willing to hire out. It all makes so much sense – from both sides of the equation.

Whether you live in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, you will find campers and motorhomes offered by private owners, or can list yours completely free of charge. If you own motorhome, you will be able to set the rates and determine exactly when you want to rent out your vehicle and to whom. Whether hiring or offering for hire, the whole process is straightforward and transparent – making a motorhome camping road trip easier than ever.