Gaming fans camp for six days to have a Wii

The launch of the Nintendo Wii U prompted a group of friends to camp outside an HMV store on London's Oxford Street. 

While conventional campers might choose to go camping in Devon or Cornwall, 25-year-old Izzy Rahman and three friends decided to put their tents up in the capital's West End, reported Mr Rahman was the first person to buy the new console in the UK when it launched today (November 30th).

It was not just the location of the group's campsite that was unusual, their in-tent entertainment was a little different too. Mr Rahman has spent the six days since setting up camp coding and playing games.

He hailed the impact of video games on his life, saying: "I was surrounded by boys who were bad news, so if it wasn't for video games, I would probably be on the streets right now. They kept a tight leash on me. It was an escape so I had to show my appreciation somehow. Being number one in the UK is also a massive privilege."

According to, Mr Rahman was joined in the tents by Sing Dong and brothers Teddy and Michael Djuma. The four men make up video and computer game design consultancy Vertalex Studios.

Describing the camping experience, the gaming enthusiast said enduring the wind and rain was "tough", but added that the whole event has been a "laugh".