Free Beach Activities For Family Campers

With a summer as hot and sunny as this one, many campers are choosing locations close to the coast. Fortunately, when it comes to finding a beach campsite, campers in the UK are spoiled for choice. A good beach can keep the family entertained for hours. To help inspire you to enjoy nature in the great outdoors, here are five beach activities that family campers can enjoy for free – a great low-cost way to spend time when enjoying a family holiday:

Paddle, Swim or Snorkel

Of course on a hot day there is nothing better than being able to play safely in the surf. Paddling is a traditional pursuit for the British by the seaside, and in some areas, swimming and/or snorkelling could also be options. Make sure that you know it is safe, but if it is, you could enjoy getting close to nature and seeing what lies beneath the water.

Go Rockpooling

You can also discover some of the secrets of the UK waters from dry land by exploring some of the rockpools around our coastline. Learn about some of the fascinating coastal creatures that you might find in these shallow coastal pools.

Watch Seabirds and other Wildlife

Kids and adults alike can also learn more about the natural world by watching the wealth of seabirds that can be seen around Britain's beaches. Get a pair of binoculars to see better, or simply sit and watch with a book or app to identify the birds that you see from the beach in question.

Search for Shells, Sea Glass and other Interesting Items

To focus restless kids, why not direct their activities into a 'treasure' hunt – searching for shells, sea glass or other interesting items that have washed up on the sand. Perhaps you could also spend some time seeking out (and clearing up) some of the plastic debris that has been washed ashore.

Make a Sand Castle – or Another Sand Sculpture

With or without a traditional bucket and spade, you could create something as a family. You could keep it classic with a sand castle, or create something unique – a sand car, a mermaid... a sand sculpture of a dragon... you are limited only by your imagination.

Who says families have to spend a fortune to have a great family camping holiday?