Five Reasons To Ditch The Gym And Go Camping Instead

Many of us are by now beginning to rethink our new year's resolutions. Sticking to those new determinations is not always easy. Gym membership cards are already languishing unused in drawers in many homes. Don't beat yourself up if you are already not getting to the gym as much as you intended. The gym might not even be the best way to stay fit and healthy. If you are determined to turn over a new leaf, and wondering how to go about doing so – read on. Here are five reasons to ditch the gym and go camping instead:

To Get Close to Nature

There are plenty of ways to work out in a gym but no matter how effective our exercise regime may be, we are still stuck inside, with all the trappings of our manufactured world around us. Losing our connection to the natural world around us has been proven to be detrimental to our general health and well-being. We are part of the natural ecosystem and feeling close to nature by getting out there and enjoying the great outdoors can help us remember that, and give us a sense of perspective. A camping trip affords plenty of chances to exercise in the 'real', natural world.

To Reset Your Body Clock

A camping adventure also helps to reset your body clock, which can help you to sleep better. Sleeping well has been proven to improve general health, and it can also help you to lose weight and improve condition.

To Get More Varied Exercise

In a gym we can run on a running machine, row in a rowing machine, cycle on a stationary bike. But a camping trip gives many more options that make it far less likely that we will grow bored of the exercise. Rather than heading to the gym, why not go for an actual walk, hike or run? Cycle through a beautiful woodland or kayak along a breathtaking coastline or down a rushing river? The more you enjoy the exercise, the more likely you are to stick at it longer term.

To Improve Mental as well as Physical Well-Being

Being in a green and beautiful natural environment has been shown to reduce stress and promote and calm and collected mood. Camping trips can take you away from the stresses and strains of the everyday world, while a gym can be a very stressful environment – making you feel self-conscious and drawing you to make comparisons with others, who may be fitter than you. Out in the natural world, you can exercise freely, safe in the knowledge that there is no one else there to judge.

To Save Money

Finally of course, active camping holidays can be far better value for money than joining a gym. Not only will you be able to take more time out from your daily life, you will also be able to plan exercise into your leisure time in whatever way suits you best – for far less money than you might imagine.