Five Reasons To Camp in Autumn

Summer may have come to an end. But that is no reason to pack away the tent, park up your campervan or motorhome, or stow the caravan. Autumn can be the most beautiful season, and there are many reasons why you may not want to give up on taking that camping trip just yet. In some ways, camping in autumn can be even better than camping during the peak summer season. To inspire you to take that perfect autumn camping trip, here are five reasons to camp in autumn:

Autumn Colours

Nature is often at its most spectacular and beautiful once autumn has arrived. Around the UK, the leaves will be changing, and camping can be a great way to enjoy those wonderful autumnal colours up close. Take an autumn woodland camping trip to see the changes and enjoy the vibrant leaf colours on display.

Fewer Crowds

Autumn can also be a good time to head off for a camping trip that offers peace and quiet. Fewer people camp at this time of year so you can often have some of the most beautiful natural locations all to yourself. Why would you limit yourself to crowded summer campsites when you can have a tranquil stay on an almost empty autumn site?

Autumn Wildlife Spectacles

It is not only the leaves that offer an amazing spectacle for campers in autumn. Autumn also offers plenty of wildlife spectacles for those who take the time to enjoy the great outdoors. Enjoy murmurations of starlings, skeins of migrating geese, rutting red deer and other awe-inspiring things that you will not see at other times of the year.

Lower Prices

For those with an eye for a bargain, it is also worth noting that camping in autumn can be even cheaper than camping in the summer months. As campsites wind down towards the end of the season, prices will be lower, and you can spend less on a wonderful camping break.

Autumn Foraging

Finally, it is worthwhile remembering that nature is at its most abundant in autumn, with fruits on the trees and hedgerows, fungi in the woodlands, and a bounty along the sea's shore. If you enjoy foraging for food, autumn is a great time to get out there are explore nature's larder on a camping trip.

The UK in autumn offers a wide range of wonderful camping adventures – so why not head out there to see what you can discover?