Five of the Best Camping Cookers and Stoves For 2018

If you love camping then likely you have had to cook outside on shoddy or flimsy equipment more than once! Camp cooking can be a joy, not a chore – but only if you have the right cooker or stove for the situation. To help you choose the right cooker or stove for your next camping trip, here are five of the best examples on the market for 2018:

Biolite Pizza Dome

Designed to work with the decidedly brilliant BaseCamp stove, this cook spaceship of a stove will allow you to cook pizzas, flatbreads and other oven-based recipes above your solid fuel stove. An integrated thermometer will help make sure things stay at the right temperature, while a ceramic stone keeps your food crisp and evenly baked.

Vango Combi IR Grill

This infrared burner has been on the market for a few years, but its good design, low fuel consumption, low emissions, excellent heat output and even cooking mean that this is still close to the head of the pack when it comes to outdoors cooking in 2018.

Primus Kuchoma Grill

This grill is made entirely from high quality, beautiful, tactile, sustainable materials – stainless steel, oak and brass. It is small and lightweight and surprisingly portable. It is powered by camping gas canisters or can be run via refillable options using an adaptor. It is easy to use and stable even on uneven ground.

Robens Firemoth Cook System

Small, neat and compact, this cook system is all-in-one. It includes a burner with an integral pre-heater that optimises performance in low temperatures – perfect for camping in the UK throughout the year. This stove is super efficient and the whole thing slips into a handy mesh bag.

Outwell Calvi Smokeless Grill

This charcoal burning barbecue features a battery-powered fan for accurate, smooth changing of the temperatures. It can be used to cook a wide range of foods. There are plenty of other similar products on the market that would also be good additions to your camping gear for 2018.

Cooking outside on your next camping trip will be a treat if you invest in some decent cooking equipment for your adventures in 2018.