Five Lessons To Teach Your Kids on Camping Holidays This Summer

Camping can be a wonderfully fun and exciting activity for the whole family, but it can also be an educational experience. Kids can learn a lot from a camping holiday, not just about the natural world around them but also about themselves and how they interact with the world. Here are five lessons all parents should concentrate on teaching their kids on camping holidays this summer:

Care For Our Planet

Our planet is in peril and the only hope is for everyone to get on board with a greener and more ethical and eco-friendly way of life. It is vital that the next generations learn to treat our planet better, and care for the planet begins with an appreciation of its many wonders. By sharing the joys of the natural world with your kids, and teaching them to respect it, you can make them into conscientious citizens of the future.

Kindness and Consideration

Have you ever been surprised on a campsite by the rudeness and lack of courtesy on display? Late night noise, early morning awakenings and rowdiness are often part and parcel of a trip to a family campsite. But you can use this as an opportunity to teach your children more about consideration, and having a thought for others around you. Family campsites are also often a great place to meet like-minded people – a little kindness can go a long way, so parents should lead by example. How about helping another family set up camp? Or inviting some neighbours on site to share your picnic or barbecue? You might all just make some new friends along the way.


Camping holidays are also the perfect environment in which to instil some self-reliance in your children. Many children today rely too much on their parents to do almost everything for them. It can be difficult in daily life the freedoms that we may have had as kids. But on a safe, secure campsite, it can be easier to loosen the apron strings a little. Let kids learn how to make a campfire, for example, or explore a little on their own. These are the first, small steps towards independence.


Practical skills like making a fire or camp cooking, putting up a tent or reading a map can also be excellent things to teach your kids, and a camping trip is the perfect time to teach these things. Having a range of practical skills will stand kids in good stead as they grow.

Less Is More

In our modern, consumerist society, it is easy for kids to just want, want, want. All around them are inducements to buy, buy, buy... but camping can be a chance to get away from all that and to teach your kids about the joys of living simply – and about how little we actually need to be happy and content.