Five Less-Visited European Countries For Fantastic Camping Holidays Outside the UK

If you love camping in the UK and are looking to branch out a little from the usual jaunts to France or other common Western European holiday destinations, here are five suggestions for interesting camping holidays that you might not have thought of taking.


Camping in Latvia is easy and affordable and campsites are found all over the country. Why not branch out from the capital Riga, which has become better known in recent years and discover other parts of the country that are less well known to foreign visitors. Explore the lush, green, tree-filled Gauja Valley or perhaps spend some time on the coast near Slitere National Park.


Estonia's closest cultural neighbour is Finland, but the two states have moved apart due to the former's fifty year stint as a part of the Soviet Union. Now Estonia is well and truly European but still comparatively little known and little visited. It is a shame that this beautiful and interesting country with its many, many islands, bird-friendly wetlands and low-lying watery landscape is so little explored. What better way than a camping trip to explore this little known corner of Europe.


Montenegro is Croatia's less well known and less-visited neighbour. But with stunning settlements around the dazzlingly picturesque Kotor Bay and the dramatic natural playground of the mountains and gorges of the Durmitor National Park and the Tara River, Montenegro is fast becoming known to those in the loop as one of the best places for outward bound adventure in Europe. Why not find a campsite here and enjoy your own mountain adventure?


Moldova is about as remote a place as you can find within Europe. Way over to the East, Moldova lies between Romania and the Ukraine. But remoteness is not Moldova's only draw for keen campers. Moldova also produces some of the best wines in Europe and has a very interesting burgeoning wine industry, as well as pretty scenery and some fascinating historical sites, small villages and other points of interest.


Kosovo may be most familiar to many as the war-zone of the 1990s but it is now also coming into its own with a small but growing tourist industry. It is now safe to visit and is a fascinating place to come, especially if you have any interest in the history and cultures of the Balkan Peninsula. This is Europe's newest country, having gained its independence from Serbia, and things there may not be perfect, but with lovely hiking trails to explore and historic settlements to discover, this could just be the perfect place for a quirky camping holiday that offers something a bit different.

Wherever you choose to go camping this summer, whether it is in the UK or abroad, why not go for somewhere a little different, be unique and avoid the crowds – you might just find a new favourite place to camp.