Five Ideas For Idyllic Island Camping Escapes in the British Isles

When it comes to choosing an island holiday here in the UK, we are all spoiled for choice. From islands stretching south across the channel, to all the variety of the western isles of Scotland and islands far to the north, islands that are closer to Norway than they are to London. There are hundreds of islands in the British isles, just waiting to be explored and perfect for camping adventures. So, before you think of booking an island holiday abroad, why not consider something a little closer to home? Here are just five ideas to help you plan your own idyllic island escape in the British Isles:

St Agnes, Isles of Scilly

St Agnes is the southernmost populated island of the far-flung Isles of Scilly, perched on the very edge of the British Isles and facing towards thousands of miles of ocean. This is an island on the edge, in the best possible way – far from all your troubles and cares – a true escape. St Agnes' Troytown Campsite offers a stunning camping destination right on the water's edge. This has been described as one of England's most naturally beautiful campsites. Only one mile across, St. Agnes is easy to explore on foot. Book well in advance to avoid disappointment though – the school summer holidays see this campsite fully booked months in advance. Travel out of season to stand a chance of staying in this beautiful spot.

Brownsea Island, Dorset

This, the largest of the islands in Poole harbour, is owned by the National Trust. Here, families can follow in the footsteps of countless Scouts and Guides who have camped here since Baden-Powell set up the movement. Family camps are offered by the National Trust and you can even choose a catered option to take away some of the stress and hassle and enjoy a truly relaxing stay even with young kids in tow.

Herm, Channel Islands

A camping holiday is the best way to enjoy the tranquillity and unspoiled beauty of this Channel Island. In the middle of the island you will find the Seagull site, with its spectacular views. This site is just minutes away from the cliff path leading to Belvoir Bay.

Coll, Hebrides, Scotland

Coll is just one option amongst many in the Scottish Hebrides that offers a relaxed and quiet camping holiday. Blissful white sands and turquoise waters will make you feel as though you are abroad, and on a warm day in the summer months, the Coll beaches are perfect for a family picnic. Off season, you may well have Coll's peaceful little roads and beautiful beaches almost entirely to yourself. Enjoy a free and wild experience at Arinagour wild camping (behind the hotel) or in the small walled garden house campsite, on a working farm surrounded by the RSPB nature reserve.

South Ronaldsay, Orkney, Scotland

Far further to the north, escape beyond the upper reaches of the Scottish mainland to the Orkney Isles, perfect for adventurous family holidays, with historic sites galore, beautiful natural sites and more. South Ronaldsay offers an eco-camping retreat at the Wheems Organic Farm, with its organic food and spectacular views.