Five Hobbies Keen Campers May Like to Take Up

Camping can be a hobby that can truly enrich your life. There are almost endless reasons to get out there and spend some time in beautiful, natural places. While enjoying a camping adventure, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy, from the wildest adrenaline-fuelled escapes to the most relaxing of pastimes. If you err towards the gentler and more relaxing end of the spectrum, then you may enjoy the following hobbies that go perfectly with camping:


There is something very special about not just entering an ecosystem but truly feeling part of it. Learning bushcraft skills can really help you to reconnect with the natural world. Creating fire and shelter and foraging for food in the wild can make you feel empowered and at peace in a way that is difficult in the modern world.


Photography is one way to connect with the natural world, taking beautiful images that celebrate the world we find around us when we head out on a camping holiday. Whichever subject matters capture your interest, you can document your camping adventure and learn not just to look but to truly see.

Landscape Painting/Drawing

Another way to capture the beauty of the natural world is with your own hand, by painting or drawing what you see around you on your camping trips. From the simplest sketch to the most elaborate of oil paintings, artistic endeavour can be a rewarding hobby. And creating those artistic efforts in the great outdoors can really enrich a creative life.

Treasure Seeking

A journey into nature on a camping holiday can also have a prize at the end of the rainbow. If you are a quest orientated individual then you may enjoy the pursuits of treasure seeking, whether that is taking a pass with a metal detector, orienteering for a goal, or enjoying a geocaching adventure. These sorts of camping related hobbies can give you something to aim for and give camping trips an extra, exciting dimension.

Fossil Hunting

Another search might involve delving back through the mists of time to find some fossils at one of the UK's coastlines or at another rich fossil hunting site. There are plenty of places where you can seek ancient life captured in rock and learn a lot more about what our world was like in the more distant past.

There are plenty of places to enjoy each of these hobbies as you find new places to camp in the UK.