Five Books That Will Make Great Christmas Gifts For Keen Campers

It may seem a little early to be thinking about Christmas, but many people are already getting a head start on the shopping this month. If you are wondering what gift to get a keen camper in your life – how about a good book, that they can enjoy reading on their adventures? There are plenty of great options out there to choose from. To inspire you, here are five books that will make great Christmas gifts for many keen campers:

Thinking on My Feet: The Small Joy of Putting One Foot In Front of the Other” - Kate Humble

This simple yet pleasing book makes every walk the presenter undertakes an adventure. If you know someone else who loves to walk then this could be an excellent gift choice this Christmas.

The Lost Words” - Robert MacFarlane & Jackie Morris

This book is a celebration of the words that are disappearing from the vocabulary of 21st Century children as they become increasingly unfamiliar with the natural world. This book could make a great gift for anyone with a passion for everyday nature and a desire to re-wild childhood.

Forest Therapy” - Sarah Ivens

This inspirational read will help everyone get out and reconnect with the natural world. This is a paean to the need for finding a place for nature in our busy lives and could be a lovely Christmas gift.

The Seabird's Cry” - Adam Nicholson

Nature loving campers will love this year's captivating winner of the Wainwright Prize. This is a passionate book which celebrates the natural world in a way that will delight nature and book lovers alike.

The Wilderness Cookbook: A Wild Camper's Guide to Eating Well” - Phoebe Smith

Released on 14th November, this could make a great gift this Christmas for someone who loves wilderness, wild food and cooking.

Each of these books shares in common a strong sense of love for the great outdoors – a love that many keen campers will most definitely share. So when you begin your Christmas shopping, think about getting a good book – perfect for whiling away hours on a sunny campsite, or reading by torchlight under the stars.