Family pride as teen's charity delivers on caravan pledge

A luxury caravan has been delivered to Bardsea Leisure Park in Ulverston, Cumbria - fulfilling the dream of the late founder of Alice's Escapes.

The charity was set up by Alice Pyne and aims to provide holidays for seriously ill children and their relatives, reports Thanks to various pieces of fundraising - including the sale of wristbands, pens and trolley coin keyrings - enough money was collected to purchase the holiday home.

An official opening ceremony will be held in March to celebrate the unveiling of the Willerby Winchester 2013 caravan. The heartbreaking side of the story is that 17-year-old Pyne passed away on January 12th before seeing the caravan delivered - she had battled Hodgkin's Lymphoma for more than five years.

Vicky Pyne, Alice's mum, said: "Taking delivery of the caravan marked a very special day for the charity. I felt a mixture of emotions watching its arrival - immense pride at what we have achieved, but sadness that Alice wasn't here to witness it with us."

The North East is a popular spot for campers and caravanners, particularly campsites in Lake District spots, so the Cumbria caravan is likely to go down well with those that use it.

According to, Alice raised £100,000 for charity alongside her sister Milly. She was also championed for completing a so-called bucket list of experiences, including going whale fishing in Canada, meeting pop band Take That and entering her pet dog in a show.