English least likely to tour other UK nations

A poll has revealed that English people are the least well-travelled within the UK, compared to their Welsh and Scottish counterparts.

Research from travel booker Hotwire found that on average, just one in four English people have visited either Wales or Scotland (24 and 28 per cent respectively) in their lifetime.

The numbers, cited by TNT Magazine, suggest that the English are more inclined to jump on a plane for a trip abroad rather than take a trip to a neighbouring country. This is despite the fact that they are abundant with a plethora of attractions, beautiful countryside and affordable accommodation like campsites.

On average, English people have visited just 1.69 UK countries outside of their native country. By comparison, Scots are the most-travelled; visiting an average of 2.02 other countries within the UK.

Hotwire's poll also discovered that London's attractions are the most popular when compared to those in Wales and Scotland.

The infamous Tower of London topped the most-visited British attraction, followed by the British Museum and St Paul's Cathedral. The Houses of Parliament came next, before Stonehenge in Wiltshire and then finally, Edinburgh Castle.

Commenting in a PR News Wire statement, Fulvia Montresor - the senior director at Hotwire.com - said that the "UK is offering some great deals this year and not just in London where additional capacity has been added in anticipation of the Olympics, so residents have little excuse to not visit some of the country's most famous landmarks."