Elevated caravan lights up the sky

Residents in a Lyonnais town have been 'given' a novel addition to their streets: a raised caravan which lights up at night, caravantimes.co.uk reports.

The striking example of modern art was created by French artist, Benedetto Bufalino and is entitled 'la caravane dans le ciel' or 'the caravan in the sky'.

Situated in VĂ©nissieux, a town in Lyon, Bufalino removed the (real) caravan's wheels and mounted it on a large jack. It then gradually ascended into the sky, reaching the same height as the tall trees nearby. As night falls, the boxy caravan lights up from within, as if it is occupied and illuminates the sky, according to designboom.com.

Quite what the locals think of the art is unknown, but comments left via Facebook and YouTube have been complimentary. Some have even expressed a desire to live in the caravan and look down on the town below.

Of course, it would be far easier to simply book a pitch at a hilly caravan or camp site, if a decent view is desired.

Bufalino is known for his quirky urban installations. Previous examples include a phone box fish tank and a cardboard Ferrari. Sadly, the artist hasn't revealed the significance - if any - of the cloud-skimming caravan, but it certainly gives caravanning some public attention, which as caravantimes.co.uk says: "can only be a good thing".