Eco-Tourism Award for 'Top of the Woods' Campsite

It is a brand new year and time for all of us to turn over a new leaf. Whatever this year holds in store for you and your loved ones, whatever your resolutions for the coming year may be, it is important to think not only about yourself and those close to you but also about our planet and all its inhabitants. Making our lives more eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable should be front and centre of all our agendas.

There are many measures, small and large that we can all take right now to take steps in the right direction. One of these is thinking about how and where we spend our holidays and leisure time. Taking more sustainable holidays is one thing we can do to make sure we are part of the solution to the world's ills rather than part of the problem. Camping can be perfect for those purposes – allowing us to experience the beauty of the natural world without impacting it in any harmful way.

Choosing a sustainable campsite is one of the steps we can take to enjoy a more eco-conscious escape. Fortunately, awards and accolades rewarded to sustainable campsites make it easier for us to identify where we should stay. Pembrokeshire's 'Top of the Woods' site has been awarded the Green Key Award for Sustainable Tourism for the second year running – meaning that this place should be top of the list if you are looking for a low-impact and truly sustainable holiday destination.

'Top of the Woods' is a camping and glamping site in Boncath, North Pembrokeshire and has been recognised as one of Wales' very best eco-tourism accommodation providers. The owners take great care to ensure that their operation is as sustainable as possible – in the broadest possible sense. Other campsites can learn from their example, and campers can be inspired to seek out only the very best when they are booking their next camping holiday.

This is, of course, only one of a number of sustainable, eco-friendly campsites across the UK. Make sure you choose sustainable options when planning your 2018 camping adventures.