Could A Caravan on the Ocean Waves be the Perfect Holiday Option for You?

If you love a caravan holiday but also love boating, you might not have to choose between the two any longer. The Amphibious Sealander caravan is the latest thing in luxury camping, a compact trailer that also happens to be an electric-powered boat.

In this season of mists and contemplation, keen caravanners can dream of floating about in some secluded bay, tranquil lake or roaming river before taking to the road once more to find their next dream destination in which to enjoy their amphibious toy.

On water, the amphibious Sealander can only go at just over 5 miles per hour, so you won't be winning any races or going very far. But since this is all about relaxation, speed is hardly the point.

You can have a picnic on the water, using the fitted benches and tabletop and then, as the sun goes down, you could find a quiet spot and convert the benches to a bed, where you can sleep with the water lapping beneath you and the motion rocking you as you drift off into sweet dreams. By day you can retract the roof to indulge in a little sunbathing and on a balmy night in some idyllic spot you could even lie and watch the stars.

Like other caravans, you will find a small kitchenette and even a portable loo, covering all the basics in the same way as a land-locked caravan does but with the added flexibility about where you can take it. Who would have thought you could have so much flexibility with what is essentially little more than a simple waterproof chassis built from a single piece of fibre glass reinforced plastic?

This whimsical product for holiday fun is the brainchild of German inventor Daniel Straub. He and his colleagues have made their vision into a rather chic and charming alternative to other glamping options.

However, it is likely that this will remain a niche pursuit as even the most basic option without extras comes in at around £12,700. Only thirty or so of these have been sold to date, since the first one was built in 2010 but for a few keen caravanners or boaters this novelty camping item will surely go on the wish list.