Collect Materials for a Natural Christmas on Your Next Camping Trip

Christmas is fast approaching and winter is drawing on. But there is still time to squeeze in a camping trip before the worst of the winter weather arrives. This year, why not try to enjoy a more natural and sustainable Christmas? Camping trips can give you access to all the bounty of the natural world – a bounty that can supply everything you need for a range of Christmas crafts and decorations.

Choosing natural Christmas decorations will allow you to prepare your home for the festive season without costing our planet. This year, rather than being a heedless consumer, you could choose to use the materials that nature provides to make gifts, and decorate a tree. Christmas is about family, friends and love for all. Make sure you show that love to our planet by rejecting mass consumerism and instead making gifts and decorations. A camping trip gives everyone access to natural materials.

A camping trip in woodland, for example, will allow you to collect sticks, twigs, pine cones, evergreen leaves and perhaps berries, all of which can be used to make a range of natural tree decorations. Kids especially will love a foraging trip and the craft activities that come thereafter. Not everyone is lucky enough to have access to woodland on their doorsteps, but even city dwellers can enjoy an affordable camping trip to an area of natural bounty.

You can use a needle and thread to make strings of red berries to string on your tree. (Just beware of poisonous berries – especially if working with young children or if you have pets in your home.) By gluing or tying twigs together, you can make a Christmas tree shape to hang on your tree or on your wall. Supple branches can be interwoven with evergreen foliage to make a wreath to hang on your front door. Pine cones make beautiful Christmas tree ornaments, either unadorned, dusted with flour snow, or painted with metallic paints.

If you would rather take a coastal camping trip, look out for shells and sea glass. These can also be used to create lovely decorations and gifts. String beautiful foraged items on strings on your tree, either singly or combined, to remind you of the breathtaking power and beauty of the natural world.

On your next camping trip, consider collecting beautiful natural materials so you can work towards a beautiful, happy handmade Christmas this year.