Celebrate the Art of Conversation on a Camping Trip This Weekend – It's National Conversation Week 2019

The television is a device which, when broken, stimulates the art of conversation. The same could be said, in this day and age, of our smart phones. In our instant, constantly on, screen-obsessed world, it can be easy to lose the knack of actually talking to one another. While our devices can be extremely useful, and are in many ways a tool for good, they can also be a barrier to effective and true communication. There is something about a real, face to face conversation that cannot be replicated through modern media.

A camping trip can be a wonderful way to escape the modern world and get back to basics. It can be a chance to re-evaluate and to centre on the things that really matter. To celebrate the tail end of National Conversation Week 2019, why not take a camping trip this weekend?

Campfire Convos

Gathering around a campfire taps into something primal in us all. It can help to bring us back to who we truly are – social creatures. This weekend, get out there and gather with some friends or family, and just have a good old natter as you gaze into the flames. For millennia, human beings have been gathering around the the hearth – the heart of homes and communities. What better way to celebrate the art of conversation than by recreating this most essential and basic of human environments?

Talk Through Challenges

Camping also offers the opportunity to talk as you do. When pitching a tent, cooking a campsite meal, or undertaking an outdoors adventure, you and your family or friends can discover effective ways to communicate with one another to really get things done. Conversation can help us to successfully overcome a whole range of challenges – large and small.

Discuss Nature

Finding that spark to start a good conversation is easy when you are surrounded by the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Watching wildlife, looking at spring flowers, or revelling in the power of the elements are all great conversation starters. Conversations are not only about connection and communication, they can also be teaching and learning opportunities.

Conversation – real conversation – really is something to celebrate. A camping trip can afford the perfect opportunities to get away from all the distractions of the modern world and do just that. So this weekend, to celebrate National Conversation Week 2019, leave those devices at home and head out to enjoy some complication-free chat time with family or friends.