Celebrate National Picnic Week With a Camping Holiday

National Picnic Week runs from the 15th-24th June 2018 and offers a chance to celebrate and enjoy this great British pastime, and enjoy family fun and food in the great outdoors. A camping holiday offers a chance to enjoy picnics in some of the most beautiful and tranquil places in the UK. Wherever you go, you can join our long tradition of outdoors eating and enjoy a picnic in the sunshine.

The History of the Picnic

The word picnic first appeared in the late 17th Century in the French language and is believed to have originally come from the French usage, 'pique un niche' (pick an isolated spot/nest), though it morphed into the 'pique-nique' and thence into the English, picnic.

After the French Revolution, French citizens had access to royal parkland for the first time, and picnicking in these parks became popular. Later, in the early 19th Century, fashionable Londoners formed the 'Picnic Society'. Picnics are described in the work of Jane Austen and other 19th Century writers.

Throughout the 19th Century, the growing romanticism of the British countryside led to increasing numbers enjoying recreation in the natural world. A growing middle class increasingly had the freedom and free time to enjoy a day out in the great outdoors and the picnic gained a great popularity that only increased after the turn of the century.

Healthy Family Picnic Food Ideas

Picnics are all about informality and ease, though they can range from the cheap and cheerful, slice bread affairs to swanky champagne brunches with high-end delicacies and fancy canapés. While in the UK we may tend to think back fondly on childhood picnics with sweet treats and fizzy pop or 'lashings of ginger beer', there are plenty of healthy picnic foods for families to enjoy. Think beyond the chocolate, crisps and white sliced and try one of these healthy family picnic food ideas on your next camping trip:

  • Mini quiches
  • Home made Scotch eggs (vegetarian option available)
  • Vegetable and halloumi skewers
  • Mixed salads (how about adding some strawberries to encourage the kids to eat some)
  • Home made crisps (potato, parsnip, beetroot etc..)
  • Fresh fruit, home made fruit roll ups, or fruit cups.

Family Picnic Activity Ideas

A picnic is a great way to make sure you have some quality family time. As well as sitting down to eat together outside, you can also use a picnic as an excuse to enjoy some fun activities together. Family picnic activity ideas could include:

  • A ball game – rounders, tennis or a simple game of catch or 'piggy in the middle'.
  • Hide and seek.
  • 'Tig' or a similar chasing game.
  • Card games or word games.

Where will you enjoy a picnic for National Picnic Week?