Caravan holidays attracting a younger crowd

Caravanning is attracting more young people than ever before, according to new data.

The pursuit has seen an increase in people under the age of 35 who are looking into buying caravans and signing up to caravan clubs, reported Caravan dealer Salop Leisure noticed that, in the four peak caravan purchase months of April to July 2014, enquiries from people under the age of 35 had increased four-fold compared to two years ago.

The company has seen many caravanners in their twenties and thirties embracing the freedom that such a holiday could offer. Managing director of Salop Leisure, Mark Bebb, explained: "We've clearly noticed that the average caravan user is younger than they were just a few years ago."

Another trend is the growing number of grandparents making joint purchases with their grandchildren, noted

Bebb continued: "Our traditional caravan buyers are still coming in to the showroom, but we're often seeing them accompanied by their grandchildren. Frequently, a mobile or static caravan is becoming a joint purchase for these family members, as they discover a shared interest in this kind of holiday."

Data from Google has backed up the trend, showing that 28 per cent of visitors to caravan sites in the last 12 month were under 45. On top of this, a fifth of visitors to websites selling caravans and motorhomes were also under 45.

It's thought that celebrities like Jamie Oliver and Kate Moss declaring their love for caravanning is helping to boost the pursuit's reputation, encouraging more among young people in the UK to give it a try themselves.