Campsite Meals For Christmas Holiday Camping Trips

The Christmas holidays could be a great time to get away for a camping trip. This is an expensive time of the year and camping can be a fantastic, low-cost way to enjoy some time away with your family or friends. In the lull between Christmas and New Year, why not get away and burn off some of the calories you have consumed as you enjoy nature around the UK? If you do, don't forget to take some of the Christmas dinner leftovers with you to enjoy eating while you are away. Whether you are travelling in a fully-kitted out motorhome, campervan or caravan, or roughing it in a tent with a basic camping stove, here are five campsite meals that are easy to make with leftovers from your festive feast:

One-Pot Turkey Casserole

One great, easy way to use up your Christmas turkey leftovers is in a hearty casserole or stew. Since it will all go in one pot, it is easy to cook up on even the most basic of camp cooking equipment. Make a base of onions, carrots and any other vegetables you have to hand, add your leftover turkey and some herbs and seasoning to taste.

Turkey Curry

Another easy one pot meal that is a perfect winter warmer for a cold weather camping expedition is a turkey curry. There are plenty of turkey curry recipes out there to suit every taste, from the mildest of kormas to the most fiery of dishes. Serve your curry with flat breads to tear and share.

Chipolata or Roast Veg Frittata

If you have some leftover little sausages or pigs in blankets, or any leftover vegetables from a vegetarian or vegan repast, these can be delicious cooked up in a pan over a stove top or fire, with eggs, herbs and seasoning, to make a tasty frittata that could be enjoyed at any time of day.

Nut Roast Falafels

If you have enjoyed a vegetarian Christmas you may have made a traditional nut roast. One cool way to enjoy the leftovers while you are on a camping trip is by forming the leftovers into balls and making nut roast falafels, simply served with tahini hummus and fresh salad in a wrap – They are portable, and there is less washing up to worry about too!

Veggie Sausage Fry Up

Another way to use up the leftovers from almost any vegetarian loaf is to fashion leftovers into vegetarian sausages – the perfect way to warm up on a cold winter's morning on the campsite. Enjoy them with eggs if you eat them, tomatoes, mushrooms and toasted bread or potato cakes (which you could also make using leftover mash from the Christmas table.

Whatever you ate for Christmas dinner – there are plenty of solutions to take care of the leftovers, many of which are easy and portable enough to enjoy on a winter camping trip during the festive season. Save money, eat well and enjoy yourself on your next camping trip.