Camping with Dogs on Bonfire Night

It is almost that time again and fireworks and bonfires will be lighting up the night skies all over the UK. If you have a dog, generally speaking, this is not a good time to introduce them to the joys of camping. A tent might not last very long with frightened dog in it! Some dogs will not be too concerned about the loud noises, while for others it seems it is truly terrifying. Whether or not your dog is obviously bothered by the racket, generally the rule is to keep them safe at home at this time of year.

If, however, you would love to enjoy an autumn camping adventure before the weather gets too much colder, you do not have to avoid this next weekend altogether. Bonfire night does not have to be celebrated with fireworks and crowds. It is perfectly possible to find a more remote location where both you and your dog can enjoy a quiet and relaxing camping trip on and around the 5 th November – you just have to be careful about where you choose to go.

The closer you are to a city or town, the more likely you are to be disturbed by fireworks – scheduled or otherwise. When camping with a dog at this time of year, remoteness is key. The more effort it takes you to get there, the more likely you are to get a good night's sleep. Especially if you can decouple yourself from the need to travel by road, you will be more likely to find a truly tranquil escape. Hiking with your dog into the wilds will allow you to bond with your pet, will tire them out and make them calmer in your tent come evening, and will give you access to some truly stunning natural campsite locations.

Wild camping opens up a whole range of different options, but even if you want to camp on an organised site, there are plenty where you can forget the 5 th November. When booking a campsite, always ask whether or not they have any fireworks or other events planned. If there is no space left to book a pitch, ask yourself why that would be – even if the campsite itself does not have fireworks, is there a big event being held somewhere nearby?

As long as you do your research and make sure you are not inadvertently camping close to a big event for bonfire night, you can enjoy a camping adventure with your dog without the risk of having a frightened pet on your hands. Even this weekend – choose the right location and take your pet camping – your dog will thank you for it. It could even be the perfect way to escape the fireworks at home.