Camping in New England in the Fall

By Anthony QuintanoIf you love camping and are looking for somewhere spectacular to visit this autumn then why not consider heading across the pond? With an amazing wealth of history and culture, beautiful foliage and quaint settlements to explore, heading for the United States this October could be the perfect family holiday. If your budget will not quite stretch to it, there are plenty of places in the UK where you can also experience the beauty of the autumnal colours of nature. Just because the weather is beginning to get a little colder and the nights are beginning to draw in, that does not mean that the camping season is over and done. In fact, some say that autumn is their favourite time of year for a camping trip, once the crowds and biting insects have largely disappeared and nature is putting on such a great show.

Some people might think it would be difficult to travel on an aeroplane and camp but even with the restrictive baggage allowances of the cheaper airlines you can still take most of what you will require with you, as long as you pack sensibly. Low weight tents, sleeping bags and mats are all readily available. A tiny pan set and portable stove will hardly take up any space in your bag and all you will need to do is buy the fuel for it once you reach your destination.

Early October could be the perfect time to visit the north-eastern United States for a camping trip. If you are tenting then you should be aware that the weather can be very changeable, though whatever the weather, you should still get to enjoy one of the very best sights in the whole natural world. An alternative to tent camping is to hire a motorhome or camper van. There are plenty of sites to cater to even the largest of recreational vehicles though be warned that New England is a popular place at this time of year and so it would be a good idea to book your pitches ahead of time.

If you are keeping things as back to basics as possible you might want to eschew even a hire car. You can travel around New England to some extent by public transport that is relatively affordable, there are plenty of bike-friendly roads and off-road routes and walking trails that include the world-famous Appalachian Way.

A holiday abroad does not need to mean staying in expensive hotels or other roofed accommodation. Camping is a viable option almost wherever in the world you want to go, so whether you are travelling alone, as a couple or with friends or your family, why not consider a camping holiday for your next trip? Will you become a 'leaf peeper' in the US, or will you enjoy the autumnal colour closer to home?