Camping Ideas: Head For the Snowiest Places in the UK

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? If the chances are slim where you live, why not consider a winter camping expedition to one of the snowiest places in the UK? A camping trip to one of the snowiest parts of the UK could be a wonderful way to get a taste of the sort of winter wonderland that many crave at this time of the year. Here are some destinations that you could consider if you would like to enjoy a snowy tent-camping adventure:

The Cairngorms

The Cairngorms National Park is the number one destination for snow-lovers in the UK. The Cairngorm Mountains offer some of the UK's snowiest destinations, including the weather station at the Cairngorm Mountain Ski Resort, which records snow falling on 76 days each year on average. Even in nearby Aviemore, snow is recorded on an average of 66 days each year.

The Island of Unst, Shetland

While all of Shetland experiences more snow than the UK average, snow-seekers would have the greatest chance of a flurry or more by camping on the island of Unst. The village of Baltasound on this island is home to the Met Office's most northerly weather station and records 65 days of snow each year. It is the snowiest location on the Shetland isles, closely followed by Lerwick on the mainland island, which has an average 64 days of snow each year.

Fair Isle

Technically, this small, remote island is part of the Shetland Islands, lying halfway between the other Shetland Isles and the Orkney Islands. This too could be a good destination for snow-lovers. Fair Isle experiences 63 days with snow fall each year on average – and as this place is famous for its knitwear – you can also get some outdoor gear and wrap up warm to enjoy the winter season.

Mainland, Orkney Islands

The Orkney Islands also experience more snow than many other places in the British Isles. On these islands, Loch of Hundland on the mainland records the highest average number of snow-fall days each year – with snow falling, on average, for 59 days each winter.

Copely, North Pennines, County Durham

If you live down south, these Scottish destinations may be too far to travel. In England, the best bet for a snowy winter camping trip is the North Pennines, in County Durham. In Copely, just south of the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, snow falls, on average, on 53 days each year.

These snowiest places in the UK could be the perfect places to enjoy a snowy winter camping break this year. Check out our listings to find campsites to stay at all year round.