Camping For Mother's Day 2019

As climate chaos continues to bite around the world, with Mother's Day approaching on the 31st March, there is no better time to embrace low-impact living and take small steps towards a more sustainable way of life. This Mother's Day, rather than stepping onto the consumerist treadmill and buying cards, chocolates and hot-house flowers, why not get a gift that is more meaningful? A camping holiday could be the perfect way to show your mother, or the mother of your children, how much you care.

Why A Camping Holiday Makes a Great Mother's Day Gift

A camping holiday is a chance to escape from the daily grind,whether you camp in a tent, a caravan, a motorhome or campervan, or opt for a more luxurious glamping trip. Camping can offer:

  • the opportunity to get out there and enjoy the natural world in all its splendour.
  • a wonderful way for the whole family to reconnect – not only with nature but also with each other.
  • the gift of time – time free from obligations and constraints – true leisure time to relax and unwind, without any household cleaning, social media or work obligations.
  • the reward of seeing kids happy and healthy, with freedom to enjoy the natural world.
  • The opportunity for mums (and dads) to enjoy romantic time together, as kids explore.

A camping holiday can be a low impact way to get away and need not cost the earth, either literally or metaphorically.

Camping Ideas for Mother's Day

There are plenty of places perfect for a spring camping holiday in the UK. Some examples include:

  • beautiful woodlands or meadows bedecked in wild flowers. (Why buy flowers when you can go and enjoy them in their natural setting instead?)
  • blissful beaches for shell seekers and sunbathers around the countries' coastlines.
  • mountain peaks and verdant valleys were hikers and bikers can get those endorphins flowing with an outdoors adventure.
  • Quaint villages and pleasant towns with pubs, cafes, shops and restaurants with plenty of places where you can treat your loved one.
  • Farms and other rural idylls where you can celebrate the miracle of new life around every corner.

These are just a few ideas to inspire you to take your own camping holiday this Mother's Day. Whether you are a mother yourself, or looking to treat the mother (or mothers) in your life, arranging a camping holiday could be the perfect way to show you care.