Camping and Caravan Club Top Tent Brands For 2018

If you are considering investing in a new tent for the year to come, you may be confused by the sheer number of brands out there, and the staggering array of tents that they offer. It can be difficult to sift the fact from the fiction and discover which tents actually do perform well in the field. Really, no matter what those in the industry may say, it is best to rely on the real reports of customers in order to decide which brands to go for.

In January, the Camping and Caravanning Club revealed the winning tent brands of its Owner Satisfaction Awards for 2018. The awards were presented at an industry dinner in Manchester and the results were based on the responses of thousands of tent owners over the course of a year-long survey. The results were as follows:

Budget tents:1st Quechua 2nd Vango 3rd Hi-Gear
Mainstream tents :1st Vango, 2nd Hi Gear 3rd Quechua
Premium tents:1st Karsten 2nd Vango 3rd Outwell
Backpacker tents:1st Vango 2nd Robens 3rd Quechua
Weekender tents:1st Hi Gear 2nd Quechua 3rd Outwell
Pole tents:1st Robens 2nd Outwell 3rd Vango
Inflatable tents:1st Karsten 2nd Quechua 3rd Vango
Family tents:1st Kampa 2nd Vango 3rd Quechua
Trailer tents:1st Pennine 2nd Camp-let

These winning brands earned the highest satisfaction scores in each of the above categories. Surveys such as this can make it easier to decide which tent brand to choose, and also provide impetus for manufacturers to strive for even higher standards.

Already, customer satisfaction with winning tents has increased. Last year the average satisfaction score earned by the winners in each tent category was 92.4%, while this year, that had risen to 93.3%. Competitions such as this one, and pressure from customers ensures that standards continue to improve.

In addition to checking the results of large surveys such as this one, potential tent purchasers should be sure to read a range of reviews online, as well as speaking with other campers in their acquaintance to find out how happy they are with their own tents. By doing some research, you are more likely to find satisfaction with the tent that you do eventually choose.