Campfire Tips For Bonfire Night

This Bonfire Night, lets take a little time to think about the basics of fires. Many of us will be heading out this evening to enjoy a good bonfire, so this could be a good time to bone up on your fire making skills. Camping is often a great opportunity to enjoy a fire, so these campfire tips will not only help you light your bonfire for the 5th of November, but could also help you to enjoy a campfire on camping expeditions all year round.

Choose Your Location Carefully

Choosing the right location for a bonfire or campfire is not just about safety. Choosing the right location will also have an impact on how successfully you can start and maintain your fire. Think about the prevailing wind direction and, if it is blustery, try to choose a more sheltered spot or create a wind break to make things a little easier.

Collect Wood (and Check Carefully for Wildlife) Before Starting Your Bonfire

Once the fire has started, you do not want to have to scramble around to find wood to burn, especially if dry timbers are in short supply. It is a good idea to make sure that you have collected dry wood to burn before you start your blaze. Of course you should also always be sure to check thoroughly for wildlife before you set anything alight.

Consider Eco-Friendly Firelighter Options

In the damp conditions that we often experience in the UK, starting a bonfire or campfire can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Firelighters can make things easier – but some are terrible for the environment. If you want a more eco-friendly experience, consider choosing eco-friendly firelighter options such those made from natural wax and wood.

Start Small and Build Up Your Fire Slowly

Trying to start a fire with large logs is bound to end in frustration and disappointment. Start small, with small pieces of wood, newspaper or other kindling, and gradually build up your fire with sticks and larger branches before you put on any larger logs.

Remember to Maintain Good Air Flow

Good air flow is essential for a roaring fire. Oxygen is important for any bonfire or campfire. As you tend your fire, make sure that you do not block the airflow, and stifle the flames. Create an open fire structure so all the materials are able to combust fully and your fire does not fail.

So, whether or not you are enjoying a bonfire tonight, keep these tips in mind and you will be far more likely to succeed in enjoying roaring campfires on camping trips all year round.