Campervan manufacturer reports strong sales in February

Campervan manufacturer Wellhouse Leisure shows demand for camping vehicles could be on the up, as the company reported record sales in February.

According to, 30 campervans were sold last month and the firm's monthly turnover surpassed £1 million for the first time. David Elliott, managing director of Wellhouse Leisure, comments on the positive news.

"The demand for campervans seems stronger than ever in 2014 and the great value award-winning Ford and Hyundai campervans offer is proving particularly popular," he explains. "This is a great sign for the leisure industry and the UK economy, but best of all, it means our factory in Huddersfield will be keeping extra busy and we've had to recruit extra staff to meet the demand."

Wellhouse Leisure suggests there could be a number of reason why sales were so high last month. Recently, the firm successfully launched the Wellhouse Ford Terrier and sales could have been boosted by the fact it holds the title of Campervan of the Year, which was awarded by The Motorhome Awards 2014.

Moreover, the company's new HomeView service has helped increase sales too, as Wellhouse reports that 12 appointments have been booked this month. The HomeView service essentially allows customers to try out the campervan for themselves but without the hassle, as the salespeople bring the vehicle directly to their homes, reports