Best Family Tents for 2018

If you are looking for a family tent then 2018 proves to be a good year to buy one. Technology and design are constantly moving on and campers can benefit from all the research that has gone into perfecting designs. Though there are lots of great family tents on the market, here are three that stand out from the crowd:

Coleman Montana 8 Person Family Tent

Coleman are known for making quality family tents and the 2018 range is no exception. Scoring highly on size, durability, style, design and affordability, this tent is one of the best on the market. There is a central doorway with access to the compartments on both sides. The tent is constructed with Coleman's Weathertec TM System, which means it is well equipped to stand up to the elements without leaks or tears. The tent is 16ft wide and nearly 7ft tall at the centre, meaning even tall campers can stand up in the middle and there is plenty of sleeping space. Yet in spite of the size of this tent, it is relatively easy to set up in around 15 minutes.

CORE 9 Person Family Tent

This tent can sleep 9 people with room to spare to store all your gear. It will fit three air mattresses with no problem and the 72 inch dome allows the average person to stand without stooping in the centre of the tent. The Core Family Tent is constructed using the company's H20 Block technology – a patented weatherproof material that improves the durability and weather resistance beyond run of the mill family tents. Adjustable ground vents have been added to give additional ventilation in hot weather.

Ozark Trail 10 Person XL Family Tent

This is one of the largest family tents for 2018, measuring in at an incredible 20ft x 11 ft, so it can accommodate even larger families with ease. Ten people can be accommodated in this large space without overcrowding – there is plenty of room for 3 queen sized mattresses and more. Since so many people can sleep in this large tent, it is handy that there is not just one main door but also two other quick access points, making getting in and out so much easier. There are plenty of windows too, meaning views for all and a light, airy feel. The tent features 3 division partitions that allow you to create three separate rooms – perfect for privacy in large families.