Best Campsites for Fossil Hunting the UK

Golden Cap Area

Of course one of the best known fossil hunting sites in the UK is the Jurassic Coast which stretches from Exmouth in East Devon to Studland Bay in Dorset, a distance of around 96 miles, with plenty of good fossil hunting spots along the way. Fossil hunters new and old may enjoy fossil hunting around Golden Cap, between Lyme Regis and Bridport, where many fossils of the Jurassic Period are to be found. Be sure to check out fossil related sites in Lyme Regis, home to famous fossil hunters of history.

Golden Cap Holiday Park is one family-friendly option. There are plenty more campsites strung along this coast and you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to where to stay.

Compton Bay, Isle of Wight

Compton Bay is a lovely, unspoiled sandy beach perfect for fossil hunting families, who may be able to find a range of dinosaur fossils and footprints. This stretch of the coast of the island is known for its dinosaur remains so you may even find a tooth or a piece of dinosaur bone. Whatever you find, you are sure to have a lovely day out.

Stay at Compton Farm for lovely views out over the Bay and easy access (just a quarter of a mile) to the beach of Compton Bay.

Crail, Scotland

This small fishing village, and a few other locations in the surrounding area, will allow you to find fossils that give a fascinating insight into the Carboniferous period which occurred 335 million years ago. Crail is distinguished from other local sites by the presence of several well-preserved giant centipede tracks and you may also find a range of plant and tree remain fossils and bivalves. There is plenty to see and do here and nearby.

Check out the local campsites: Sauchope Links and (members only) Bankhead Farm. There are a number of other campsites in the East Neuk area of Fife that are within easy driving distance of Crail and its shoreline.

Of course there are plenty of other places to hunt fossils in the UK, outside and in – remember that you could also learn more and get started with the hobby at one of the UK's fantastic museums. Other good sites include Abereiddi in Wales, and around Robin Hood's Bay on the beautiful Yorkshire Coast – the list could go on and on. Instead or reading and dreaming about holidays to come, why not get out there and go on a fossil hunt with your family? Camping holidays can be the perfect, affordable way to get to some of the beautiful spots where fossils are to be found.