Best Bivvy Bags for Wild Camping Holidays 2018

Bivvy bag camping trips are not for everyone. But if you have a spirit for adventure and a yen to really get close to nature then a bivvy bag wild camping trip could be for you. If you are considering trying it for the first time then you may be wondering exactly what sort of bivvy to buy. Here are some of the best options on the market for 2018:

Goretex Ex-Army Bivvy Bag (On Amazon or Ebay) £25

Good enough for the forces and for many bivvying expeditions in the UK, this bivvy bag is excellent value – a good budget choice. It weighs 800g, and has rather good waterproofing due to the Goretex fabric.

Rab Survival Zone, from £92

The Survival Zone weighs just 320g and is the lightest of the waterproof/breathable bivvies. It is made of 'Pertex Shield' and while it will not be as waterproof as the ex-army option, it is certainly one of the better options on the market for those for whom weight is a primary concern.

Outdoor Research Helium Bivvy, from £135

If you want a lightweight option but prefer the extra space/ comfort of a bivvy with a hoop then this could be a good option for you. Far lighter than other hooped bivvies, and weighing in at just 510g, this is a good value bivvy with 20,000 waterproofing that should keep the rain off.

Terra Nova Jupiter, from £279

If you get serious about bivvy bag camping then this is one of the best bags on the market. Though of course the price is much higher, this is more than made up for by this bag's sturdiness, strength and excellent high quality goretex skin, which is triple layer, waterproof and breathable. Hooped, and including a mosquito net, in one of these, you'll be about as comfortable as you can get while bivvying.

There are, of course, plenty more options on the market, basic bags without hoops through to far larger and more sophisticated hooped options that are almost small tents. Bivvy bags come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and it is worthwhile doing at least a little research before deciding which one (if any) is right for you.