Bamboo Camping Products For Your Next Camping Trip

If you are looking for eco-friendly camping equipment then you will likely wish to find alternatives to plastic for the gear that you take with you on your camping holidays. Bamboo is a strong, durable material that can be perfect for a range of camping products. Here are some examples of bamboo camping gear that is currently on the market:

Bamboo Plates, Bowls and Mugs

Bamboo plates, bowls and mugs, or sets containing collections of all of these items, can be found from a number of outlets and manufacturers. For example, Vango's 4 Person Bamboo tableware set, or Outwell's bamboo set for 4 persons. You can get these and similar sets in a range of different finishes and colours.

Bamboo Cutlery

A range of companies also offer knives, forks and spoons made entirely of bamboo. These are a fantastic, lightweight and eco-friendly alternative to plastic cutlery for camping holidays. One good example is the Muhuyi bamboo travel cutlery set, though there are also good sets from Bambaw and Bare Vida...

Bamboo Table

Even big camping items for a family campsite can be made of bamboo. There are, for example, a range of camping tables constructed from this useful, versatile and green material. Vango and Outwell both have bamboo tables (with metal legs) on the market, and Twenga is one company that offers folding tables made almost entirely of bamboo, which could also be useful while camping.

Bamboo Deckchair

The folding bamboo deckchair from ManoMano could be perfect for a luxurious camping holiday and this is just one of the folding bamboo chairs that you will be able to find on the market. While you may usually use such a chair in your garden, you might just want to take it camping with you as well, to make sure you can stay comfortable all the time you are away.

Bamboo Storage Shelves

If you are the sort of camper who likes to set up and stay in one place for a period of time, making a home away from home, and keeping things in order around your camp, then you might also like to consider purchasing some bamboo storage shelves from Bo-Camp Urban Outdoor. These folding shelves are perfect for storing kitchen equipment, food or other supplies while you are in camp.

These are just a few of the many bamboo products on the market, which can really help to reduce your reliance on plastic while camping.