Autumn camping holidays can be enjoyable, says writer

A writer has claimed that autumn camping holidays can be enjoyable too.

Iain Duff, writing this week for, said that although winter is just around the corner, people can still enjoy camping getaways. Mr Duff claimed there is a common misconception that caravan parks are closed in the autumn months. However, he said many remain open and they can provide a great UK holiday, no matter what the weather.

Duff does have some recommendations for those that are planning an autumn camping getaway however. These include packing a three-season sleeping bag, as well as extra duvets and blankets for protection from the cold. He also suggests bed socks, hot water bottles and even a woolly hat too.

Other recommendations include finding a nearby family-friendly pub with a cosy fire to get a bit of evening warmth, as well as not setting off too late for the holiday, as it gets dark earlier. This may mean it will be hard to put up the tent for those who are using one.

The plea for autumn camping holidays from Mr Duff comes as a new campaign is launched to get children enjoying more "wild" time outside, according to The Wild Network, which is made up of 370 organisations, including the National Trust and the Scouts Association, has started an initiative to make sure children enjoy some time outside every day.

The campaign comes after figures show that only ten per cent of children play in the woods. This compares to 40 per cent a generation ago.