Anna Friel enjoys camping trip with celeb beau

British actress Anna Friel has revealed that she went on a camping trip with Rhys Ifans in Wales recently and had a great time.

In an interview with Radio Times reported by, the 35-year-old from Rochdale explained that she learned all about what to take when going camping in Wales, but admitted that she showed her inexperience to begin with.

"Instead of a rucksack I bought a suitcase! I didn't know what we'd need. And I learned that being out there with nothing was the most important thing. We had such a good time," Friel said, adding that she completely over-packed for her trip out to the countryside, worrying that she would forget something important.

Ifans, who has been with actress for about six months, showed off his campfire skills at one point and Friel was very impressed. She was taken out camping by the Welsh star to help her relax.

According to Mail Online, the four-day trip to Wales saw Friel and her daughter Gracie stay with Ifans in a teepee to get away from it all. When she arrived at the campsite, her boyfriend highlighted how her recent acting work has taken it out of her and she needed to do something fun.

Friel had been filming scenes for the ITV thriller Without You in London, which required her to play a grieving widow tortured by the possible infidelity of her late husband.