Amazing Things About Camping in Winter

When the weather is cold, many of us feel the urge to hibernate. But if you don't get out there and enjoy the natural world over the coldest months then you are truly missing out. Camping, whether in a tent, motorhome, caravan or comfy, cosy, 'glamping' structure, can be enjoyed all year round, as long as you have the right clothing and equipment. To help convince you to bite the bullet and head out to enjoy the great outdoors over the colder months, here are some of the amazing things about camping in winter:


If you have never woken up to a camping site covered in a layer of snow, then you have missed out on a truly magical experience. There is something very special about having your cosy den to peep out of on a crisp, cold, snowy morning. Even if you are a little too old to christen the new snow with snow angels, you can still take a quiet satisfaction in planting your footprints across that snowy blank canvas.

The Night Sky

Another of the special things about camping in winter is the night sky. If you are camping in the north of the UK and sun spot activity allows, you may be lucky enough to see the Aurora Borealis. 'Shooting Stars' may also enliven the scene. The stars themselves, however, are truly mind-blowing when viewed from a location with lower light pollution and a winter camping trip is the perfect time and way to get out there and enjoy the night sky.


Most of us miss the dawn in summer more frequently than we catch it. In winter however, sunrises are far later, so far easier to catch. Winter sunrises can be glorious to watch, especially if your camping trip has taken you to a stunningly beautiful location in which to watch them. Try the east coast to watch the sun rise over the North Sea, or camp on a hillside facing the rising sun.

Winter Wildlife

Winter is also a special time of year when it comes to the wildlife. We can see birds that only frequent these shores during the winter. We can also see some truly fascinating things in very special locations, such as the mountain hares in the Cairngorm Mountains in their white winter jackets. In some places, huge murmurations of starlings paint the sky.

Winter may be cold, but camping does not have to be. When you are able to get warm and dry, a winter camping adventure can be a truly magical, life-affirming experience.