A Good Use For Camping Equipment Abandoned After Y Not Festival

The Y Not Festival in Derbyshire ended in chaos a day early due to the adverse weather conditions. This has mired the festival in controversy, amid rumours that licensing issues and not bad weather were to blame. Regardless of the details surrounding the early end for the festival – many festival goers should be extremely ashamed by the disgusting mess they left behind on the site.

Thousands of pounds worth of camping equipment and tons of rubbish was simply abandoned, with little regard, it seems, to who would clear up the mess. Unfortunately, this mess is a common sight after wet weather festivals. There is no excuse.

Fortunately, not everyone is so selfish and thoughtless. A good use has been found for camping equipment abandoned after the Y Not Festival. Derby Refugee Solidarity, a local charity, have been working with Festival Waste Reclamation and Distribution to salvage what they could. Tents, sleeping bags and other items have been collected and sent to help refugees in France. The equipment that can be cleaned and dried will be sent to help the thousands who are still sleeping rough in Paris, Calais, and Dunkirk.

A team was sent to salvage what they could but, according to Steve Cooke, one of the organisers of Derby Refugee Solidarity, those volunteers filled a big van but still only managed to collect a tiny percentage of what was left behind. The team does not have the resources in Derby to clean it all and the equipment is filthy, it would not be fair to send it as is to the refugees and if it goes into storage it would soon rot. What they cannot take with them to France they will be selling at Tansey car boot sale on Sunday.

While it is just a drop in the ocean, good deeds such as the work being done here for refugees in crisis stand in stark contrast to the disgusting actions of campers, who see their own mess as someone else's problem. If you are going to a festival this summer, make sure you are part of the solution rather than part of the problem.