A Camping Road Trip Idea: Neolithic Sites Of South West England

There is something mysterious and fascinating about our own prehistoric past. The little we can imagine the lives and the reasoning of those who built the ancient structures that dot our landscape, the more intriguing those people and sites become. During the stone age, people living on our islands toiled to create tombs and monuments, some of which have endured through the centuries. If you love to be outdoors, enjoy scenic landscapes and also enjoy delving deeper into our past, then a camping road trip to some of the most interesting Neolithic sites of South West England could be the perfect way to spend a holiday, whether you go camping in a tent, a motorhome or a caravan.

Lanyon Quoit, MĂȘn-an-Tol, Merry Maidens & The Pipers, Cornwall

Beginning at Land's End, you could make your way to some of the most interesting and magical Neolithic sites in Cornwall. Dolmens and stone circles await you in a picturesque landscape, along with many other sites and attractions, natural and man made.

Hembury Hill Fort, Hazard Hill & Dartmoor, Devon

Moving north east towards Devon, be sure to take in some of the areas of natural beauty. On Dartmoor are many scattered pieces of evidence of Neolithic people, while ancient earthworks were created at Hembury Hill Fort (also the site of a later Iron Age fort) and Hazard Hill.

Glastonbury Tor & Stanton Drew Circles & Cove, Somerset

Moving north east into Somerset, you will find the famous sacred hill of Glastonbury Tor. Famous for its links to Arthurian legend, the Tor was also known during the Neolithic period and stone tools were found here. In Somerset you will also find some lesser known stone circles at Stanton Drew.

West Kennet Long Barrow, Avebury & Stonehenge, Wiltshire

The neolithic sites in Wiltshire are undoubtedly the most famous in the whole country and include some of the best known neolithic sites in Europe. No trip to this area would be complete without a visit to famous Stonehenge or to the even older and more interesting Avebury site and other nearby monuments.

Uley Long Barrow & Belas Knap, Gloucestershire

Should you wish to prolong your trip, just a short hop to the north from Avebury and you will find yourself in the beautiful Cotswolds. There you can see the Uley Long Barrow and the Belas Knap Long Barrow, two more, fascinating, ancient sites.

Of course the above listings are not exhaustive and there is much, much more to see for the keen camper and history lover in the south west of England. A camping road trip could be the perfect way to discover some of the magic and delights of the region.