'Call of Duty' fan sets up camp one week ahead of game release

Camping out on London's Oxford Street for nearly a week probably doesn't sound like everyone's cup of tea - but then again, most people aren't 'Call Of Duty' fans.

Standard.co.uk reports that 19-year-old Taylor Pelling, a media student at St Mary's, Twickenham, has already set up camp in anticipation of the release of first-person-shooter videogame 'Call of Duty Black Ops II' - which is due for release this Monday (12 November).

The only time Pelling has left his precious spot is to pop out for the occasional toilet break. Bar that though, the avid-gamer and super-fan has been living off a rich diet of crisps and takeaways.

"People have been reacting in two ways. They either think it's really cool or that I'm completely insane," the enthusiastic teen says. "When the security guard saw me he said I couldn't camp here and when I told him I was here for Monday's launch he said I was crazy," he said.

The fan explained that he's been getting support from friends, passers by and even the HMV Oxford Street store itself - as temperatures plummet around him. Friends have been dropping off socks and hand-warmers, while staff have been serving him breakfast. They've even granted him 24-hour access to the store for his 'personal needs'.

The internet, accessed from a tablet computer the teenager brought along with him and his university homework - reading George Orwell's '1984' - have also kept him occupied.

Pelling only gets two hours sleep most nights because he's so uncomfortable; an issue which has tested his patience at times. He said: "I Googled 'how to sleep on a hard floor'. Apparently if you raise you legs off the ground and have no pillow it is actually really comfortable."

This isn't the first time Pelling has slept out for his favourite games however. Previously he was sixth in line for the release of dungeon-based loot game 'Diablo III'. This time he intends to be first.

Activision - publishers of the 'Call of Duty' series - believe that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has the potential to be "the biggest selling game of all time", gamezone.com writes. The company's CEO has boasted of mass-fan engagement on Facebook, increases on YouTube clip views and a potentially record-breaking number of pre-orders for the game.