Somerset Fire Pits

Sometimes ideas are brilliant because they're so simple and so effective and make you sit back and say to yourself, "Why didn't I think of that???" This product, the Somerset Fire Pit, is exactly one of those products and we've had the pleasure of trying it out... Essentially, the fire pit is just a 40cm diameter mild steel bowl in which you can make a fire. It then has two options for the 'base' - either a metal stake that can be driven into softer ground such as grass, or a base disc that enables it to be used on a hard patio surface. It was a crisp, clear spring night... we had considered having a fire in the fireplace, but as we'd been doing that all winter, the novelty had worn off somewhat. Thankfully, we'd just been sent the Fire Pit for review and thought what better time to test it out? The model tested was the Combi Somerset Fire Pit, which includes the large bowl in which to make the fire, a peg for using it on grass or sand and the base disc for using it on a patio or other hard surface. It also comes with a handy storage bag, useful for ensuring that all your other camping equipment doesn't get covered in soot when transporting it! First impressions were very good. Given that the package wasn't massively heavy, the bowl and accessories appeared to be of very good quality. The bowl was just the right diameter/depth for a medium-sized fire that would be perfect for 5-6 people to sit around. In testing, the fire pit performed exactly as expected... we managed to create a roaring fire that drew in air well, was easy to start and keep going and most importantly, it threw out enough heat to keep us warm. There's not really much else to say about the performance of the unit... as the phrase goes, "it does what it says on the tin!" The durability of the set will almost certainly be related to how well it's looked after... as it's mild steel rather than galvanised steel, it probably won't last too well if it's left outside in the rain through a winter. However, this isn't a major issue as most people are unlikely to do that! The basic fire pit with a stake starts at £35+postage of £10. The full set with pit, stake and base disc is £45 + £10 postage. Pretty good value for a bit of kit that will almost certainly get its fair share of use! The fire pits can be bought directly from Somerset Fire Pits: