When I first received my pair of KEEN Tunari CNX  to review, my initial thought was "when am I going to wear these???"... a hybrid between full walking/hiking shoes and casual trainers, I thought they were in danger of falling in the gap between the two.

After having had them for a few weeks, I can wholeheartedly say that I was completely wrong! Instead of the Tunaris being left at home because I'd favoured either my trainers or walking shoes, I found my other pairs of shoes were left behind in favour of the Tunaris!

While fashion aficionados would be horrified by the idea of wearing walking shoes out to the pub or to social occasions, I think they'd approve of the Tunaris. Equally, you wouldn't look out of place at the top of a mountain wearing them.

As I often go away for weekends playing sport, having such dual-purpose shoes was a real bonus.

Enough about the functionality of the shoes... are they comfortable? The answer to this is a resounding yes! They're comfortable with or without socks, they're very light (think flip-flops light!) and they're breathable.

They'd be perfect if you were planning a long backpacking trip and only wanted to take one pair of shoes to cover all bases.

My only qualm with giving them a full 5 star rating is the price... at around £90, these are not cheap and cheerful. Having said that, Keen make excellent footwear and I'm sure these will give good value for money in terms of longevity.