KEEN Bryce WP Walking Boots

I must admit in my 3 mile stroll I was praying it would rain so I could test out the waterproofness and I did even hover over a puddle for a few seconds wondering if I should stomp on through, alas the thought of a day of wet jeans prevented me.

I have been struggling with a bad ankle for a few months and these shoes felt like they offered me good all round support and were super comfortable – no blisters, no foot ache. The heel of the shoe felt spongy as I walked and with every step felt as if it was pushing you back up, a very pleasant experience.

The only negatives I can see are that they feel pretty heavy to walk around in, this being said I have been used to wearing flip-flops or no shoes all summer and am only 5 foot so this may not be a completely fair comment. They have a slightly annoying rustle in both shoes when a wiggle my big toe – this again is not a major but being the person I am once I have found something niggly I tend to do it a lot to see if it’s still there! According to the manufacturer, this is a key feature of KEENs and they are well known for their more generous fit in this area (which is why they are very popular with us more broad footed Brits!).

And the final thing would be as they are waterproof they are warm I have had warm feet for the last 3 days and am looking forward to wearing them in the winter ‘KEEN.WARM’ most certainly offers insulation that keeps your toes toasty!

I am super excited to wear these through the winter and especially as I go to training – the wet muddy pitches and no doubt incessant rain I will experience during winter training will be eased by the fact that instead of water soaking through my trainers my feet are going to be dry and warm.

I like that KEEN strive to be ‘a company with a conscience’ and seem to be right on in terms of ethics and the environment. I think these are a durable, versatile shoe that will work for the serious hiker, serial stroller, committed sports person as well as someone who just wants to keep their feet dry throughout the rainy season.