HandiRack Roofracks

I first used the HandiRack roofracks for transporting my surfboard down to Cornwall from Bristol. They arrived in a neat box including a pump, which was said on the box to store neatly in the boot or glove box. My glove box was too small for this, but it was fine to pop into the boot and didn't take away from much of the space available. They were very straight forward and self-explanatory in setting up.

I would suggest inflating the racks before putting them on the roof as this can prove hard with the pump above your head depending on your height. The pump had an extension to it that kept popping off the nozzle which I found rather frustrating and left off in the end. You would need to hold it in place with your fingers to keep it on for it to work. I have a two door car and was worried that it would not work with both straps threading through the only windows that opened in turn causing the board to lift at the front in wind displacement (as in driving at speed on the motorway), but the product information was correct and I had no problems along the 3 hour journey.

The roofrack straps were quick to adjust when taking the board off the roof for use and quick to remove for storing. I left them inflated inside the car for the next day's use. I did get some surf wax on the roofracks and would suggest using a boardbag where possible to reduce soiling. I would be happy to throw them together on my car for another trip at a moment's notice.

Overall I was very pleased with the ease of use and would recommend them if you're looking for occasional-use roofracks and don't have space for (or don't want to store) full roof-racks.