Games to play when it's raining and you're camping - for groups

Who am I?
Everyone sits in a circle and one person is chosen to be the guesser. They are then blindfolded and spun around whilst the rest of the circle also spin around and swap places. When the spinning has stopped the guesser points in the direction of someone in the circle and calls out the name of an animal. The person being pointed out must then make the noise of that animal while the guesser tries to guess who that person is. If the guesser is correct then the two players swap roles and the game begins again.
Group Knot
Everyone stands closely in a circle with their hands out in front of them. They then have to hold other camper’s hands randomly so that the group is a connected tangle. The group have to work as a team to try to untangle the group and see if they can form a whole circle again without disconnecting- this is not always possible!
Hearts, Diamonds, Spades and Clubs
Everyone sits round in a circle on the floor - preferably on cushions or pillows. One person stands in the centre and goes round the circle randomly allocating each player a suit using a pack of cards.
Having checked everyone knows their suit the person in the middle runs through the pack turning over a card at a time and reading out the suit. Players move on one space to the left when their suit is called, even if this means sitting on the lap of the person next to them.
If someone is sitting on your lap and your suit is read out you cannot move until your lap is free. This game can cause a lot of laughs but also dead legs – be warned! The aim is to be the first to move right round the circle and get back to your starting seat.
Heads or Tails
This is an alternative to the classic penny game. Everyone stands up except the person with the coin. The coin is tossed but the result is not revealed. Everyone standing then has to guess whether the heads or tails will be facing upwards and indicate this through either having their hands on their heads or bottoms. When the result is revealed all those getting it wrong are 'out' and sit down, and the coin is tossed again until one winner is left standing.