Folding Propane Gas Double Burner and Grill

There aren't many better things when camping than a lovely cooked breakfast outside your tent in a beautiful field. There aren't many more frustrating things than trying to coax a cooked breakfast for more than one person out of a tiny camping stove.

And that's precisely where a slightly larger gas stove such as this one comes right in... with two burners and a warming tray, it's perfect for cooking for slightly larger groups, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner.

It's enclosed in a handy carry case and packs away nicely for transportation. This is definitely not the sort of thing you'd want to be lugging around on your back, but it should pretty easily fit in alongside your other gear when car-camping or using a campervan. It's not the slimmest, slightest of equipment, but there isn't really any way around that... any smaller and it wouldn't be as useful to cook on!

The only real drawback to an otherwise very solid product is that it doesn't include a gas bottle and can't be used with traditional smaller gas canisters. Although purchasing an additional bottle is an added expense, it's more the hassle of transporting a gas bottle that is the real drawback. While the stove itself folds up nicely and would easily fit alongside other equipment, a gas bottle is more difficult to transport.

In summary, if you've going camping in a reasonably sized group (or have a big family!) this is perfect as you could easily cook for 6-8 people on it. However, the extra size and weight (especially taking into account the gas bottle) means it's probably less of a must-buy if you're cooking for fewer people.