Campfire Cooking Grill

There really isn't a more fun and 'outdoorsy' way of cooking food than over an open fire. And with a fair few campsites now offering the facility for campfires, it's a realistic alternative to a gas stove for many campers. However, although many campsites allow open fires, not many provide the equipment with which to cook food over the fire... and this is where the Campfire Grill steps in. It's essentially a very basic idea - a heavy duty 2 piece pole that is driven into the ground, with a stainless steel grill that is supported by the pole. The height of the pole is adjustable, meaning that you can easily cook a range of food over the same fire. The grill has an ingenious 'lip' edge that prevents food from rolling off into the fire. This would be particularly useful on uneven ground! It can also be rotated around the supporting pole, enabling the food to be removed from above the fire before being served... no more darting moments with tongs to prevent your hand burning while serving up! In the box along with the supporting pole and grill are a hot pad, oven gloves and a nylon carry bag. Although it's not particularly heavy given that it's made of stainless steel, the grill is definitely more suited to car camping than it is to backpacking or hiking. Setup was relatively easy, especially given the soft ground in which the grill was tested... although it would be good to bear in mind that you'll most likely need a mallet (or a big stone!) with which to drive the supporting pole into the ground. Many campers will have a mallet or hammer for driving in tent pegs, so this shouldn't be an issue in most instances. It would also be useful to have bricks/stones to form a base around the fire, to prevent it creeping outwards and to channel the heat upwards toward the grill. And when you're finished cooking, the stainless steel finish on the grill should make it easy to clean and the nylon carry bag should ensure that any residual grease on the grill doesn't contaminate the rest of your camping gear. All in all this is a great addition to your camping equipment set if you think you're going to be doing any cooking over open fires. They should quite literally last a lifetime with proper care, which makes the £40 price tag seem very reasonable indeed. More information, recipes and photos on their website: