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Valley Of The Rocks Camp Site in Isle of Anglesey

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Reviews of Valley Of The Rocks Camp Site

This is a small and homely site. It is very quiet and an ideal base for exploring from with nice beaches nearby. The owners are friendly and keep the site very clean. The facilities, although dated, are very clean and more than adequate. The owners do have a preference for mature and quiet customers and therefore this site isn’t ideal for families or large groups. This means it is perfect though for those who value a good night’s sleep. It is also very modestly priced.
Rhona (20th Jun 2019)
Quiet, friendly, family site. Set in lovely, well kept, grounds, far enough away from other campers so ensures privacy. Clean basic shower and toilet block which provides toilet paper and liquid soap, if you forget your own. Small shop for sweeties for children. Kids are encouraged to consider other campers which is such a atmosphere. The manager vets her customers so don't expect to camp if a large group of young people. Ideal place for a 'get away from it all feeling'
Jane Worrall (21st Aug 2016)
Last week my husband, myself and our 6 year old son spent a lovely relaxed 5 days on this site. Ok there are rules but most campsites have these. The manager is choosy who comes on site because she has had problems in the past. She has been running this site for over 30 years. The shower block is basic but was always clean and we never had a problem with no toilet paper. We found that 40 pence was adequate for a good shower, but get yourself sorted before you put money in as it is on a timer.
The site is very well kept with grass cut. The camping pitches are away from caravan pitches and toilet block up a small hill. The pitches are surrounded by bushes and bracken to shield some of the wind. The site was nearly empty when we arrived but by the weekend it was full, but how the site is laid out you are fairly secluded and no-one bothers you. There is a beach within walking distance, but a few minutes drive and you can access plenty more beaches around Holyhead and Anglesey.
If you want a cheap site with the essentials then this is ideal. We will be visiting again.
Mr and Mrs Gorman (1st Sep 2015)
Valley of the Rocks Campsite
Great location, Poor facilities, Terrible Management!

Our first impressions of this site were very positive. It is extremely well located and very reasonably priced. Unfortunately, the site is overseen by an every present, overzealous and officious manager, who runs the place more like an open-prison than a holiday park.

Our suspicions were first aroused by the array of abrupt signage that greets you as you drive onto the site. This includes multiple-“no parking”, “no ball games”, “shut the gate”, “dogs on a lead at all times”, “visitors must report to reception”, “max speed 10MPH” etc. etc. etc. However, we surmised that whilst the directness (and certainly the quantity) of the notices seemed excessive, their general nature was not uncommon to most sites and therefore (regretfully) we paid no further attention to this and gladly booked onto the site for the forthcoming week.

What we didn’t realise however, was that this was just the tip of the iceberg and pretty soon a whole host of further rules, regulations and general un-pleasantries soon began to surface. These included:

• Do not enter the toilet block wearing a wetsuit – Apparently the sand can block the drains and therefore such items are not allowed passed the toilet block door. Fair enough you may think?

• Do not use the tap in the middle of the field – Whilst there is nothing to tell you not to do this, you can be assured that within a few minutes the manager will be stomping up and demanding that you immediately stop washing off your Wellies (or whatever else you may be doing), as using this tap is “inappropriate!” Apparently, use of this tap will wet the field?? You are instead directed to a more distant tap, which may be used for such purposes………. unless of course you decide to wash of you wetsuit at this second tap. In such instances you can be assured that the manager will once again be stomping up and demanding that you immediately stop what you are doing! Apparently, washing off your wetsuit anywhere on the site is inappropriate, as the sand (falling onto the soak-away pebbles) is considered a further nuisance. Anyone wishing to wash off a wetsuit is told to do so only by using the tap down at the beach, which I indeed tried to do this the very next day, only to discover that this tap was broken and looked like it hadn’t worked for many months! Still, never mind.

• Do not attempt to play Badminton – Thinking that the “No Ball Games” sign meant just that i.e. no football, cricket, rounders, or other forms of entertainment using a spherical object, we mistakenly decided to try and have a game of badminton with the kids. Yes you’ve guessed it! Before the game was ten minutes old the manager was stomping over demanding that we immediately stop this game also. Apparently the area we were playing in could be used as a touring pitch (even though it wasn’t being used that day!!). Although we suggested that we would move immediately if the area was required by anyone, this was not good enough and we were told to “just stop playing now”. When asked if she thought this was reasonable, we were told, “if you didn’t like it, you know what you can do!”…i.e. leave the site, I presume. I now realise that the “No Ball Games” actually means “No Fun”.

• Antiquated facilities - The campsite area is extremely pretty in its rugged nature. In particular the grounds appear little changed in the many years since the site first opened, which is a good thing! Unfortunately, the same can be said of the toilet block, which also appears relatively untouched since just after the war, which is a bad thing! I mean putting 20p into meter for a shower (and even to get hot water from a tap!!) – I ask you? Also, although florescent tubes are fitted within the block, it appears that the campers cannot be trusted with the use of a light switch, leaving you to fumble about in the dusk, trying to discern the 20ps in a pocket full of change by touch alone, before moving on to the more risky task of guessing which tap is hot and which is cold, as there is no way you can tell red from blue in the gloom. Also, don’t forget to take your own toilet paper.

• No Electric Kettles – The electric hook-up is only 6 Amp, meaning that mod cons such as microwaves, vacuum cleaners and hair dyers are out of the question. Although we quickly realized that the electrics trip if you try to use an electric kettle, fortunately a neighbor warned us is whispered tones “don’t let her see you trying to use an electric kettle – or she’ll go mad”, before we presented an opportunity for further admonishment.

• Toilet Block Rules - And then there are the toilet block rules!!!!

Yes, rules, rules and more rules! In fact three or four sheets of them! Covering every aspect of the ablutions process. These tell you a prescriptive list of do’s and don’ts that the Commandant of Colditz would have been proud off. However, the bit that really got my goat, was that each of these lists (and also the comprehensive lists concerning dogs, open fires and barbecues – all separate lists of course), all conclude with a threat of “failure to comply will result in the offender being asked to leave the site – “without refund”!

I could go on and on, but I will conclude now by saying that I think this site could be one of the best on Anglesey, if only the facilities were updated and most importantly, if the owners employed someone who had at least heard of customer service. Failing that, and as an absolute minimum, perhaps they could employ someone to run the site on their behalf, who actually likes to see people having a nice time!

You have been warned!!
Happy Camper (Not) (11th Aug 2015)
I came to this campsite withb my mum and my friend and I really enjoyed it. There is a friendly pub which is open at night but all ages are welcome there. The showers are good but you have to pay 20p each time you want hot water and if u don't turn it right it can become very cold. Also when staying here you will need to bring toilet roll as you will need it. There is a lovely walk into holyhead one way and the other way is this nice and friendly beache. Back to the pub if your children like a game of pool then bring 50ps with you as the machine won't take any other coins. I would definitely recommend this I love it there. Things to remember 1. Toilet roll 2. 20ps 3.50ps
no comment (6th May 2015)
this site is lovely; people friendly. Large groups are discouraged as it is a family site! for families !.It is well cared for , grass tended, toilet block kept clean. The owners take pride in making this site what it is a haven for a peaceful family holiday.
Mini (29th Sep 2011)
my hubby and i love coming to valley of the rocks with our 2 dogs... we find the people really friendly will be getting down there as much as possible this year.
esther (12th Jun 2011)
We as a family visit this site on a regular basis.and as many Campers or Caravaners that have vistited this site it was in great need of a freshen up.Well over recent months Mick and Mel have worked hard,The toilet block has beena new roof,its been painted,tiled,and new showers installed,with running hot water.The pub has also been transformed,much brighter and cleaner.valley of the rocks is well
worth a visit,
karen hoyle (7th Apr 2011)
Thoroughly enjoy using this campsite and appreciate the care taken to not encourage large groups of people who though sincere in booking tend to get carried away as the evening goes on. Good value when compared to other local sites who lack the fortitude to deal with nuisance groups. Feel for the last review writer who does seemed to have been penalised for being honest!
Bryan Turner (25th Jun 2010)
We were recommended to use this campsite by a friend of mine and i rang up to book. However, the lady who answered questioned me about the ages of our group (which range from 28 - 42) and the purpose of our visit was (which as it is a camp site, thought it was quite self explanatory). I understand that people with children do require safe environments however I feel extremely annoyed that because of our ages and there are no children, we have been penalised and are not allowed to camp there. not all groups of people are drunken idiots and i feel that this is what was being implied to me. I just thought I would leave this comment for any other groups of rebellious middle aged people, who were going to enquire and save you the embarrasment of ringing up. Like I said I do understand peoples worries around large groups, however we are not teenagers who want to drink all night, we are just a group of friends who would have liked to get away for a weekend. I will seriously reconsider ever recommending this campsite.
Louise Smith (24th Jun 2010)