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Red lion Inn Camping & Caravan Park in Gloucestershire

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  • Photo of Red lion Inn Camping & Caravan Park
  • Photo of Red lion Inn Camping & Caravan Park
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The park is set in 26 acres of glorious Gloucestershire countryside between the ancient historic towns of Gloucester & Tewkesbury, and close to the Forest of Dean, yet only a few miles away from the M5 motorway. Regency Cheltenhan Spa and all its attractions are just a few miles away. The park offers pitches for all- touring, tenting, and motor caravan users. Our faclites include shop, toilets, showers, wash up area and laundrett. The Olde World Pub offer you refreshments from cream teas to real local ales . Why not try awide choice of good food including our homemade doorstep sandwiches or a steak cooked to your prefference. An Outdoor Lovers & Riverside Haven . We are surrounded by fields with interesting walks close by featuring both the Severn & Servern Way Circular. Close by you can explore the Forestof Dean, Malvern Hills The Cotswolds and the Wye Valley. For angling enthusiasts either young or old we offer fishing pegs with excellent coarse fishing along amile stretch of the River Severn. Day tickets are availbable from the pub or the site shop ( River suject to close season)

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Reviews of Red lion Inn Camping & Caravan Park

Well, I echo the above really, nasty people who run this site, disrespectful and extremely rude. I stayed here with my young son, expecting to get a bit of quality time in and do a spot of fishing. Long weekend, 3 nights were booked via telephone and deposit paid. On arrival, I was told no such deposit had been received and although the site was pretty much empty, was told I hadn't booked in. So on producing my receipt which I printed off was told to wait...A lady came back red faced and none apologetic started reading the riot act to me..what wasn't aloud. I said so we are booked in then? The reply was, well I wouldn't be wasting my time reading this to you if I wasn't booking you in would I... I mentioned we would like to do some fishing, I was asked to produce my national fishing licence and asked about my son... which I said he was under the age required for a licence, which I also had to produce prove of age...Finally we were shown to a pitch....When asked if I could use the one nearer the field exit so we could get to the river easier ...I was promptly shouted at and it was made clear I couldn't move. After setting up, I walked across the field to the shop and a gentle man was sat outside, I asked if the shop was reply but he got up and opened the shop and voiced, what is it you want....I brought some eggs and breakfast things....No thanks no interest. My son by this time was starting to feel a bit uneasy here.... We did our bit of fishing and things seemed a bit better. Breakfast came and after cracking the first egg into the pan, a awful smell hit me and the insides were black, the egg was rotten. That was enough...We promptly packed away our things and left the site... Never again. I'm not a complainer but felt the need to put this down in writing to let people know what they might be paying for.
R. Llewelyn (7th Oct 2015)
Exactly what's written above - nothing has changed in all these years, the lady and gent who are in charge of the campsite, (not owners but merely caretakers), don't give tuppence about customer service or politeness, have no time for paying guests and yet will fall over themselves for their mates who come to the pub. The pub is run by the lady's daughter and family and I have to say both times I stayed there this year, July and September, I got on really well with them and had really good food from the bar. Unfortunately the owners are handing the pub back to the brewery at the end of September so they won't be there... hopefully whoever replaces them are a good balance to the campsite caretakers or it can only get worse.
darren (6th Sep 2013)
My husband and I use to camp here many years ago. But once it changed hands from Mr John Mitchell things went down hill! It lost all character... use to be a very friendly pub amenites were very basic.., but always clean and CHEAP!!! However, the location is perfect... you couldn't get much closer to the river if you tried.
Carole Wyness (21st Mar 2012)
My partner and I stayed at the Riverside campsite last week and were immedietly dissapointed to find the campsite is not 'nestled on the banks of the River Severn' as is described on the campsite website.

The river is on the other side of a road, hidden by trees and bushes- hardly 'nestling' really.
We then found the owners, especially the lady to be so rude and short with us it was actually quite shocking. We politely asked if, as the site wasn't that full and our tent was only small, if we could situate ourselves nearer to the bushes on the edge, we were then, what I can only describe as being shouted at, by the woman owner saying; 'Absolutly not. No way. The outside is reserved for people wanting the electric hook ups. No chance'.
Ok, ok we both thought, a simple; 'I'm afraid that may not be possible, sorry' would have done!

As it transpired, we stayed there for two nights (we did pay for three nights, but found the atmosphere to be not that friendly so left early) and the site was never full with loads of free space around the edges we could have snuggled our 3 man tent into.

Come on guys- lighten up and treat your paying guests with more respect and give us a smile at least!

The final straw came when we were rudely waved away from a parking space by the woman owner one moring when we were going to use the shower blocks- a face as miserable as thunder, she wagged a finger at us and told us to 'move'! Again, we were so shocked at her rudeness is was even getting funny by this time. My boyfriend gesticulated to her that it would be nice if she smiled! Alas, she didn't crack and carried on waving us on and scowling! IN all the campsites we've both stayed at over the years, we have honestly never come accross such rude oweners!

We tried a meal in the pub they own next to the camping site, and we had to complain as we had scampi and chips, and were only given a measely 5 pieces of small scampi. The man owners reply was a curt; 'We've always sold it with that many, that's the way it is.'

On the second night we stayed, we were kept awake till past 3am with a caravan playing really loud rave music- for owners who seem to not be very forth coming, we were surprised this behaviour was tolerated. We felt sorry for the families near by the inconsiderate people with the loud music, as we could hear it from the other end of the field.

It's a shame the owners seem to have such a chip on their shoulders as the campsite itself is fine- flat pitches and adequate shower and toilet blocks. The surrounding area is very pretty and rural.

Again though, they shouldn't be advertising it as sitting on the banks of a river, because it certainly is not! You can't even see the river from the field.

A very dissapointing experience means we will not be reccomending this site to any of our camper friends for sure, in fact, we will be telling them to avoid it!!
Tammy (15th Aug 2011)
booked in at this site for 5 nights, assuming from the website that we would be able to get all our reqirements from the "fully stocked convenience store". After booking in we enquired about ordering newspapers only to be told that they were only available at weekends & it was on a 1st come 1st serve basis. There was no bread until the 3rd day we were there & "our very own free range eggs" were stamped with a code showing that they were from caged hens. also found at least 2 products on shelf way past their sell by dates. What could be a lovely site was completely spoiled by the attitude of the lady in charge & very misleading information on the website.
mogford (9th Aug 2011)
stayed at red lion for 3 night did not read reviews before but wish i had. as on many websites the reviews are poor to say the least. there is a very strong sense you are not welcome on arrival. mine being i didnt park where i was supposed too forgeting the fact there are no signs there isnt a lot of places to park. was told off about that then was marched from the pub to reception to be told there was no record of my booking the lady made the prices up and charged for every little thing was not offerd a recipt and was then escorted to my pitch . and told no noise then left then returned to tell me i had to move the van and car over as there were a couple going next door. that evening a family member was to join me . he drove straight in with out stopping at check point charlie and was chased around the feild by the owner in her car and interigated. to a point i can understand but this was over the top i had to go to rescue him..the owners are very rude the site is basic.and in parts a mess lots of site rules. if you want to go away for a argument this is the place other wise stay clear
evans (11th Apr 2011)