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Jura Hotel in Argyll

Of all the Western Isles of Scotland, the Isle of Jura, though one of the most beautiful, remains one of the most mysterious and least well-known. Its spectacular mountains, visible from the Argyll mainland some 16 miles away, tower above a landscape so varied that in a day's walk you may see small woodland, forest and farm, deserted silver sand beaches, rock-strewn shoreline with raised beaches and caves to explore, heathland and hills rich in wildlife, and trout-filled lochs.

Jura, being almost thirty miles long and seven miles wide, is the third largest of the Islands of Argyll, yet it is still one of the few places in Britain around which you cannot completely drive. Only one road exists following the Southern and Eastern shoreline; the Western half of the island is trackless and, for its size, Jura is the wildest, emptiest, and least tourist-oriented of Britain's inhabited islands.

The population of the Isle of Jura is less than 250. A virtual absence of day visitors and a strictly limited quantity of accommodation for guests - there is only one hotel and the narrow road though suitable for cars is unsuitable for caravans - mean that Jura has preserved a peace and serenity far removed from the bustle of modern-day life.

Being separated from the mainland, the island is very much for those who seek remote island-quietness and adventure. For the British visitor, it has all the excitement of going abroad, of journeying to a far distant special place but with none of the drawbacks. The beaches are of the finest quality and are free of crowds; the climate is warmed by the Gulf Stream and supports fuchsia hedges and even several palm trees.

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